About Peta

Peta is originally from Canada and she holds a Bachelor's degree in Child Psychology/Sociology from Brock University. 

After graduating, she worked for the Western Quebec School Board in a behavioral unit as the Behavior technician. She wrote the behavioral programs for children within the classroom and collaboratively developed IEP/504 goals with the educational team in the district as well as the families. Her focus and passion shifted to working with children needing severe behavioral, sensory, social and communication support.

She then became certified to be an Autism Intervenor and an ABA (Applied Behavioral Analyst) therapist and worked in a variety of educational and clinical settings including the Children's Hosptial of Eastern Ontario and the Andrew Fleck Childcare center, in the Autism preschool. Peta obtained her post graduate certification through the Behavior Institute of Canada in Ontario in Intensive Behavior Intervention. She also furthered her education in Verbal behavior, PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System), Social skills training for children with Autism, Sign language as well as many additional trainings.

Throughout all of her work experiences and trainings, her love for working with families as a whole unit continued to grow.

Peta took some time off to create a family of her own and later moved to Ohio. She has 3 beautiful children of her own and is part of a blended family in which she is very proud of.

After taking time off to raise her own children, Peta started working as an Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist. She provided social and emotional support to many schools and families throughout the county she works in.

Quite quickly in this new role, she started taking referrals for Parent Coaching. From her first referral she successfully supported many families throughout Geauga, Lake and Cuyahoga Counties. She has been dedicating her career path and focus on bringing all of her previous experiences together.

She is certified as an Ohio Prevention Specialist Assistant with the Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals board.

She has extensive training with the Supreme Court of Ohio as a Mediator (Domestic Violence, Family & Divorce, Child Protection, and School Attendance) & Guardian ad Litem and has completed Parent Coordinator certification. Recently, Peta completed the Custody Evaluator training hosted by AFCC. Peta has worked with local child protection agencies and the courts for the past several years as "Parent Coach" and provides regular summaries as requested and required. Peta maintains Supervisor Level - Supervised Visitation Monitor training through Family & Children's Counselling Service.

Peta is a member of good standing with Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, The Ohio Mediation Association, Academy of Family Professional Mediators and Mediation Association of Northeast Ohio and the International Coaching Federation.

In March 2021, Peta completed a post graduate credentialing in Texas with the ATTACH organization. There she was credentialed in Attachment Trauma Focused Therapy (80 hour intensive). As well, she became a Certified Trauma Practitioner-Clinical with Starr Commonwealth.

Peta holds an Ohio Infant Family Practitioner (OIFP-II) credential which was just recently developed by the Governor of Ohio in March 2020.

Most recently Peta completed the International Coaching Federation (ICF) class to learn a high quality coaching approach, that is internationally recognized, to compliment her coaching style.

As well as Peta's private practice, Passcode to Parenting, Peta is also a National Master Trainer with PAXIS. She trains Human Service Professionals in PAX TOOLS for Human Services and Community Educators (evidence based & trauma informed).

Peta works closely with case workers, support staff, education staff, court staff,  attorneys, GALs, foster and kinship families to better support the primary families. Her experiences working with families with a multitude of barriers such as substance abuse, mental health concerns, high conflict divorce, domestic violence, etc., has led her to support each family with a non-judgemental attitude. Peta supports each family uniquely and is respectful of cultural diversity. She collaborates as a team member and works as a strength-based focused professional. She continues to learn from each of these families that she works with and shares her personal life experiences to build relationships, teach, and grow.

Welcome Maple to Passcode to Parenting! She is my almost 3 year old Labradoodle who is certified by Therapy Dog International.