"Parenting isn't a practice, it is a daily learning experience." (Author unknown)

Parent Coaching & Coordination, Mediation and Advocacy:

Works with family units as a whole to support positive, healthy parenting and co-parenting strategies and goals.

Writes case notes & reports to assist court documentation.

Provides Parent Coordination, Family & Divorce Mediation services.

Ohio Infant Family Practitioner-II, Ohio Certified Prevention Specialist Assistant, Supreme Court of Ohio Mediator, Parent Coordinator & Guardian ad Litem, Certified Trauma Practitioner - Clinical.

Independent contractor with local Child Welfare agencies, Consults with families, educators, attorneys, case management

Educational Settings:

Works within educational settings to assist in a team approach to develop and implement behavioral, social and emotional programming to support children, staff and families

Recreational Settings:

Support staff and programs by providing behavioral support. Train staff in behavior management and in providing inclusive settings.